July 22, 2022


If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. This line from the childrens’ book Alice in Wonderland contains an essential truth.

Unless you really don’t care where you end up in life, you better have goals. The more clear you are about what you want, the more likely you are to get there.

The things I care about won’t just happen on their own. I have to be intentional about them every day. Whether it’s family, friendships, health and fitness, or building Alliance to the next level.

Intentionality is super important in life choices as well as in businesses. When you take this approach in life, good things tend to happen. Growth requires years of consistent building.

With Alliance, I am constantly working on goals that align with my vision: a strong team, a great culture, healthy partnerships, top-notch financial performance, and an enthusiastic, growing investor network. Each of these areas is a never-ending process. I set goals, pursue them, then set new goals. And I love it!

These days, I am thinking a lot about what is next for Alliance. How do we continue to accelerate growth?  How can we add to our strong team? How do we extend our investor base? How do we find more properties, faster, that fit our acquisition criteria?

I envision the investments we are making now to drive growth will also be the foundation for a stronger, bigger Alliance in the future.

In daily life, and in business, things go better when people know what they want, and say what they want. For businesses, this is sometimes visible in their mission statements. You can tell a surprising amount about a company from a mission statement. No matter what the nature of the business, it’s interesting to see whether they have a mission that is clear, achievable, ambitious, and measurable.

Most people don’t have mission statements, but we do have goals and values that largely define who we are and what we will achieve. Know what you stand for, be ambitious, and good things will usually follow.

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