December 7, 2021


The subject of high performance is a frequent topic in my world. Why? Well, when you accomplish your goals in any given year this requires a tremendous amount of focus, persistence, and a great team of people surrounding you. Being a high performer is a decision that you make every day. You can decide to focus on the positives and be successful or you can decide to focus on the challenges and never meet your goals. After some thought I have identified a handful of characteristics that a high performer must possess:

  1. Having laser beam focus.
  2. Being a leader.
  3. Having a strong work ethic.
  4. Being consistent.
  5. Being organized and having the ability to effectively prioritize.
  6. Being a massive action taker.
  7. Being fearless.

Here at Alliance we believe being a high performer is the only way to get the job done. Let’s go ahead and be high performers together and get some deals done before the end of the year. We are seeking to acquire medical properties in the last quarter of 2016. Please help us find the following:

Single Tenant Medical Properties

  • Purchase Price between $2-10 Million
  • Rental Growth In the Initial Lease Term
  • Top 50 MSA’s
  • Tenant has large investment in property (no general medical office)

Call me at 847-317-0077, email me at, or tweet me at @benreinberg or @alliancecgc if you can submit us a property to acquire.

For further information on our acquisition criteria, please click here.

My Best,


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