December 6, 2021


New Year’s resolutions might seem corny to some people, but I take them seriously. The turn of the year is a special opportunity to reflect on what matters and focus on my goals: continuing to expand and improve Alliance; eating well; pushing my fitness level; and being the best husband and father I can.

I have ambitious goals and it can be challenging to stay fully motivated on all of them. To overcome that, I constantly remind myself of what I care about most.

First, health is the foundation of enjoying life, so maintaining a good diet and regular exercise is non-negotiable. Ultimately, most of what I do is about providing a good and secure life for my family. That powerful drive keeps me focused on doing everything I can to protect and grow Alliance CGC. And beyond financial security, I remind myself that if I want my kids to turn out well, I need to always model good behavior for them.

Staying motivated on specific goals also requires accountability. The simplest way to do that is to have success metrics — write them down, and keep track of progress throughout the year. A second, and sometimes more-powerful accountability technique is using social pressure to your advantage.

It’s easier to let myself down than to disappoint my wife, kids, friends, or business partners. That drive to honor my commitments can be a powerful performance tool. I find the person (other than me) who will benefit most when I succeed and I make promises to them, instead of just to myself. That’s why people find it easier to go to the gym when a workout buddy is counting on them to be there.

Life is short and there is no time to waste. To make the most of the time I have, I want to set myself ambitious goals and always be working toward them, inching forward every single day. The start of a new year reminds me that time lost can never be regained, and I must never lose sight of what matters.

I’m excited for 2018 — a big year in my life. I will be fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been. I will continue to grow Alliance’s revenue, deal-flow, and brand. Most importantly, my son leaves for college this fall – a major milestone for my whole family. I could not be more proud of him, and striving to set a good example for him helps me be a better man myself. To keep all this momentum going, I’m determined to give 100% effort, every day.

I wish you all the same, and a very happy new year!

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