December 7, 2021


It’s crazy how fast time flies by. My eldest son recently left to start college at the University of Southern California. I’m excited for him as he starts this new chapter of life. And reflective as it means, a new chapter in my life as well.

These days, parenting continues well past age 18, and of course we’re far from done. Between vacations, holidays, and modern communication tools, we can easily stay in contact. Still, it’s a big transition to go from three to two kids in the house. It’s tough to think that he’s two time zones away and not around for dinner or football games.

There’s no easy recipe for success and happiness, but reaching this milestone has reminded me of what matters most. I have thoroughly enjoyed my career, and I get a lot of meaning from my work — growing a company and a brand, completing deals, building wealth over time, and cultivating young talent. I hope my son finds his own way to these things.

Overall, I feel proud to see my son grow up. Studying business in Los Angeles, I know he’ll have lots of opportunities. That’s the important thing, even though it also means he might plant roots far from our home in Illinois. With luck, maybe opportunity will lead him back to Chicago.

Time will tell. Either way, all that matters is that my kids find their places in the world. Watching them grow into strong, happy, independent adults is the joy of my life. I can’t wait to see what they do.

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