July 15, 2022


One of my favorite parts of the December holiday season is that it’s a perfect time to reflect on the progress of the past year and set intentions for the next.

2022 has been a year of growth and change for me personally, and for Alliance.

We launched our first fund, which sets us up to invest in more, great opportunities. And deliver more value to our investors. We’re off to a terrific start… and I could not be more excited.

To support Alliance’s growth, we have also added to our team… including in Acquisitions, Investor Relations, and Property Management. Building a high quality organization is one of my favorite parts of being a CEO. I feel great about my new colleagues and where we’re headed, together.

We’ve also invested in more Marketing… including a new Alliance website, and sharing our insights with the world via quality whitepapers… this has been great for SEO and brought more equity to the Alliance brand.

I started a new podcast, I Own It. We’ve recorded 40+ episodes in our first 7 months… It's been amazing to meet so many accomplished people and share new insights, and entertain, the people that follow me.

The result of all this activity is that we’re raising Alliance’s profile, inside and outside our industry. I am excited about finding new ways to help the public (and especially a younger generation) understand real estate investing.

I also relish the chance to help people see what a great job Alliance has been doing. And why Alliance is a terrific place to invest as part of your portfolio.

It has been a big year for me personally, as well. I have been pushing myself to reach “the next level” as a leader and a person. While I have spent years building Alliance from the ground up, I have wanted to make the leap to a more ambitious and larger scale company. This requires a different kind of leadership, and this year, I made some big strides.

I have doubled down on growth-y practices like meditation, journaling, and seeking mentors. The positive impact has been undeniable and I find myself marveling at just what a huge difference small changes in mentality and daily practice can make.

As I think about 2023, I feel grateful for my good fortune and I want to keep building on this momentum. I intend to continue developing my presence, management, leadership, and relationships.

With a growing media presence, an expanded team, and our first fund, Alliance is primed for a big 2023. And I also recognize that it’s important to stay flexible. With an open mind, who knows what unexpected opportunities may show up.

I don’t know exactly where this growth journey will take me, but I know I can be more, and do more, than I ever have before. This isn’t just about business – I am also excited to be a better husband, father, friend, and mentor to younger colleagues.

As I look back on 2022, I am filled with awe and gratitude. It’s been a big year. I’m excited for what comes next.

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