August 4, 2022


These last few years, I have been extremely focused on taking Alliance to the next level. It’s been quite a journey, and it has reminded me that every business is only as strong as its foundations.

These organizational foundations boil down to a talented team, a healthy culture, and the kind of strong leadership needed to sustain them. None of this comes without a lot of work.

As I have worked to elevate Alliance’s game, I’ve had constant reminders that I have to step up personally too. I know how much I care about the company’s success, but that isn’t enough.

Leadership of a growth-oriented company is incredibly demanding. There are always so many things to consider and execute on. I have to find and hire the right people, mentor them, give them enough space to flourish, but also enough oversight to keep learning and growing. It’s a never ending stream of judgment calls. I know I can always do better.

I can’t do what I need to do unless I have the right foundations in place in my life. Fortunately, I have some great mentors who help me stay on the path of doing more, in a sustainable way. If I burn out or start coasting, that won’t get Alliance where I want to take it.

So I’ve been investing in myself. I’m starting my days earlier and heading to the gym. I’m taking care to get enough sleep and finding little ways to replenish myself during the day. Attitude is so important, so I’m constantly mindful of staying open-minded, stable, and excited about what I’m building.

Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about finding a kind of work/life balance, but I find that concept to be a self-limiting belief. Life isn’t a respite from work. The two can be intertwined in a way that’s self-reinforcing. To reach the next level, I know I need to love all of it. Every day, I’m focused on doing more, and doing it with joy.

So I am extra focused these days on taking care of myself as a foundation for taking care of the company. With health and clarity of mind, I can find the right people, give them the tools and the space they need, and let them elevate Alliance.

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