December 16, 2021


Resourceful and fortunate companies are remaining productive.

Determining how to structure teams fit for purpose is a challenge for business leaders even in non-pandemic times.  Different challenges call for groups that are bigger and more creative, or smaller and more decisive.

Who can bring the right kind of expertise or specialized skills? Whose personal interests will make him more motivated and keen to engage? Who has capacity for a new project and who is overloaded? Who is ready for a new challenge and should be included to accelerate personal growth? These are all questions I ask myself regularly. And, now during the pandemic, even more often.

To thrive in today’s economy, we all need to be smarter. This is not about just “doing more with less” or squeezing more efficiency out of a team. It’s about building an adaptable, creative, empowered organization that can do more, because it is more.

A modern high performance organization needs to have team members who are engaged in their work and really bringing their best efforts. That means that everybody, even junior team members, need opportunities to make decisions, have real responsibilities, and have their ideas heard.

This focus on bringing everybody into decision-making isn’t always easy, but it can pay major dividends. When an organization can make and execute decisions at the lowest possible level, that frees managers and executives to spend their time and energy working on more long term initiatives. Including more minds in the work can also help surface better ideas.

Truly high performance organizations are those that can adapt and reconfigure to address all kinds of situations. This isn’t easy, but chasing that ideal is a heck of a fun challenge.

And especially in today’s environment offers significant upside.

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