August 25, 2022


I’m always looking to grow as a person.

Sometimes life throws you challenges to overcome… and other times an idea emerges in your head telling you exactly what you ought to do.

One day, not too long ago, it finally occurred to me that it was time to invest in step-change growth for Alliance.

I’ve had the thought before over the years… and have had several investors and mentors recommend the idea to me… but when it finally caught hold for me, I became all in.

As I’m sure you know, we’ve launched the Alliance Medical Fund… which is off to a terrific start!

I’ve also been doing much more publicity work, including my recently launched podcast called I Own It (link here).

We’ve released 17 podcast episodes thus far. It’s incredibly fun and challenging. The feedback thus far has been incredible.

I have interesting conversations with truly fantastic people who are leaders in real estate, business, the arts, personal development, and more.

My guests so far have taken a wide variety of paths to success. I’m really excited to learn from them and to apply their lessons to my life and work. And to help my listeners.

Some early highlights include a long conversation with Janine Driver, who has some great lessons to share on powerful communication. She has great tips on the importance of first impressions, the salience of body language, choosing our words very carefully, and the ways that emotional intelligence powers all our communication skills.

I also want to highlight conversations with Weldon Long and TW Mock, who have powerful reminders to share about the importance of mindset in the face of devastating challenges. Both of them went through significant suffering and learned how to harness goals and deeper purpose in their lives to turn things around. Their stories have really inspired me to push myself harder than ever before.

My journey on this podcast is just getting started. I am looking forward to a lot more of these energizing conversations and I invite you to check them out.

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