December 6, 2021

In the real estate game as in life, the spoils go to those who move on an opportunity quickly and decisively. A friend from my youth dated the same wonderful woman for years and never locked her down. Only after she moved on did he realize what a mistake he had made. At Alliance, we know the best opportunities don’t sit around for long, and we won’t let them slip away.

Grabbing the best deals quickly is great for our partners as well as investors. In particular, real estate brokers love us for moving quickly. Since they work on commission, saving them time directly impacts their bottom line, and our investing philosophy is that everybody who works with us should prosper along with our investors.

Rushing into a deal and later finding problems is my personal nightmare, so we never let the need for speed overcome rigorous analysis. Failures of due diligence explain much of life’s heartache, whether in business or personal life. If you’ve ever seen a friend fail in their due diligence before get married, you know exactly the kind of pain that can follow later. In real estate, that kind of foolhardy behavior is speculation, rather than investing, and it is emphatically not the Alliance way.

As specialists in commercial single tenant net lease properties, our focus means that we know our niche better than anybody else in the game. We know exactly what to look for, where to find it, and what it means. Flawless diligence and analysis based on decades of experience enable us to move quickly without ever lowering our standards.

Accessing capital doesn’t slow us down either. Our network of happy investors and trusted bankers know that when Alliance green lights a deal, they can bet the farm that we found another winner. This finance network functions like happy friends and family, sending a strong signal of trustworthiness and quality to a romantic partner — It really helps seal the deal. And quickly arranging deal finance truly sets us ahead of the pack, helping ensure that we can snap up great deals before anybody else does.

Some of our speed advantage comes from simple professionalism — we always have our paperwork right the first time. Other parts require the deep expertise we have developed over years in the industry. Titling and other legal hurdles can also hold deals up for weeks and months. We have the expertise, and partnerships, to deal with these issues on our own, without leaning ignorantly on unknown partners. We’re also quick to revalue a property and adjust our offer based on new information.

Most importantly, when new information looks particularly bad, I’ve always been unsentimental about calling a deal off. Not every deal works out, and we won’t waste anybody’s time chasing something that isn’t right. As Warren Buffet says, there are no called strikes in investing.

To close the best deals for our investors, we invest like the guy who marries his dream girl. We search for great deals, knowing exactly what we’re looking for. When we find a prospect, we do thorough diligence, so there are no nasty surprises later, and we walk away when things aren’t right. Our whole team needs to prosper, from investors and bankers to brokers and attorneys, so everybody is working toward the same goal – closing the best deal possible. And, we never let indecision or a sluggish work pace derail a deal. Too much is on the line for our team, and Alliance plays to win.

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