January 5, 2024

Now more than ever, investors care deeply about protecting their capital.

I love talking to these investors because they’re such a perfect match for Alliance.

If you’re close to retirement, with some extra savings, what should you do? How can you earn a decent return on your capital, without jeopardizing your future? After all, just before retirement is not the time for taking risks.

Many professional investors talk about offering great returns, but with matching risk. At Alliance, we have found a sweet spot in the market that is remarkably safe, with real upside.

Alliance has pioneered a whole new model for real estate investing, focused on medical office buildings (MOB). This niche has exactly the traits that a sophisticated but risk-averse investor is looking for.

These properties cater to doctors, dialysis centers, and other medical businesses, and they’re an investor’s dream. The tenants are prosperous and thrive, even in recessions. They care about locations near hospitals, infrastructure, and patients. They invest in their office spaces and patient relationships. They hate to move.

Put money into Alliance’s medical office building fund and we use it to buy properties that house dental practices, dermatology practices, kidney dialysis centers, ambulatory surgical centers, and higher high quality medical businesses.

These medical businesses pay rent every month, and that income becomes preferred returns for our fund investors. We know how safe these preferred returns are because we’ve been doing this for decades and our track record speaks for itself. Virtually zero vacancy and no defaults.

We’re also experts in finding and retaining high quality tenants. Many of them are backed by larger medical businesses, which adds yet another layer of financial security and creditworthiness.

Even through recessions, pandemics, and all the uncertainty of life, we’ve seen these medical practices pay their rent without fail. Doctors make great tenants and the result is mailbox money. Safe and reliable.

Our expertise in retaining great tenants also helps us lock in long term leases, with rent escalators. Those predictable rent increases are no problem for a prosperous medical practice, and they really juice property values when we’re ready to sell, usually after a few years.

Where consistent monthly rent checks provide our steady preferred returns, selling properties provides significant upside. As leading experts in the MOB sector, we understand the supply/demand dynamics of different geographic areas and we know how to add value to make our properties extra attractive. We know what sells and how to get a great price.

This is how we’ve been able to deliver 24% average IRR for decades, while also being an incredibly safe place to park capital.

On top of all that, our recent transition to fund-based financing means that our investors get the added benefit of a diversified portfolio of MOB properties.

It’s not easy to find the right properties at the right prices. Nor is it as simple as it sounds to add value to a property. But that is what we do, with a long and proven track record. So if you’re looking for a very safe place to invest, you’ve found it.

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