October 12, 2023

Recently, a lot of investors have been asking me about capital preservation. In these uncertain times, people are rightfully concerned about protecting their wealth.

I love this question, because Alliance’s investing strategy is perfectly designed for capital preservation.

The great Warren Buffet once said that there are a few essential rules for investing. First, don’t lose money. Second, remember rule number one. Third, focus on the long-term. And fourth, know what you’re investing in.

I’m proud of Alliance’s record of putting these rules into practice.

Rule 4 has been core to our investment strategy. Nobody knows the Medical Office Building (MOB) market better than our team at Alliance does. Our deep expertise in this chosen niche means that we have the best possible insights, analysis, and valuation ability in the field. This helps us avoid mistakes and deliver market beating returns over and over again.

I love to tell my investors that the human body never goes out of style. Long term, people will always get sick, injured, and old, so they’ll always need doctors. And doctors will always need a place to work, so MOBs are a reliable source of income.

In the short term, the American population is aging, so medical demand is high and MOB investments offer a great hedge against inflation.

Alliance’s long term approach to investing is also visible in how we finance our investments. We benefit from a great investor network that provides us with all the equity capital we need. This helps ensure that we can structure deals with an appropriate amount of debt.

While it can juice returns, overleveraging comes with a real risk of losing capital and violating Buffett's first rule. We take any needed capex into account at a deal’s inception, so we won’t need to load up on extra debt later.

In recent years, Alliance has also shifted toward raising funds for a basket of investments. By pooling capital into a diversified portfolio of properties, we further reduce risk for our investors.

As experts in a growing sector, with strong relationships, great credit, and a sterling track record, we’re well positioned to find great deals in any market conditions. And our highly disciplined due diligence, valuation, and diversified portfolio of properties all protect our investors’ capital.

Our long-term focus, expertise, and execution all make Alliance a nearly perfect match for investors who are interested in capital preservation. So if you’re looking to earn market-beating returns with minimal risk of losing capital, you’ve come to the right place.

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