December 6, 2021

Alliance invests heavily in the South — areas that have just been battered by back-to-back major hurricanes. As the affected communities work to put their lives back together, they’re on my mind and in my heart.

At the same time, I’ve never been happier with my investments. Over the past few weeks, I’ve made several trips and countless calls to the Gulf Coast. The resilience, optimism, neighborly support, and general can-do attitudes I’ve witnessed are really heart-warming. I know a lot of people are hurting, and will be for a long time, but as long as people are helping each other, I know things will turn out OK.

Whether it’s people with boats rescuing strangers, neighbors helping clear debris, or businesses taking in storm refugees, I’m so impressed with the community strength in the South. This generosity of spirit also shows why the South is such a great region for business.

Investing in real estate is really an investment in a whole community. A healthy community is open for business and fosters the kind of long term tenancy we want in an investment property. My love of strong communities means I’m currently focused on making sure we at Alliance do our part.

I always want Alliance to be a great landlord. My recent calls and travel to the Gulf Coast have been all about identifying tenants’ problems and finding out how Alliance can help solve them as quickly as possible. Finding electricians, plumbers, or general contractors to quickly repair damage helps get our tenants get up and running again. What’s good for our tenants’ business is good for ours, and it’s also the right thing to do. I love how these all fit together.

Our philosophy of investing in communities has many elements. We typically buy smaller, single-tenant properties that are geared toward serving important roles in their community — healthcare facilities, in particular — and we do everything in our power to keep them occupied and functional. We want to engage with local leaders, because getting to know communities well helps us meet their needs, get our own concerns addressed, and build long term partnerships.

Of course, we always take great care to invest prudently and protect our investors’ and lenders’ capital. Our properties need capable tenants who can handle adversity — with help, as needed — and bounce back. Storm risk in the South isn’t a new concern, so we only buy strong structures, built from good materials, without flood-prone basements, and located in safe spots. Even with these precautions, we have to expect the unexpected, so all our properties carry robust insurance coverage, including rental loss insurance when needed.

Despite all the destruction, Harvey and Irma are bringing out the best in people. It’s a reminder of why Alliance invests in the South again and again. It’s a high-growth region, but more importantly, it’s dynamic and resilient. All that is built on strong communities, filled with people who help each other. What I’ve seen in recent weeks gives me great hope for the future.

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