December 22, 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect. This has been a year of intentionality and building, for both Alliance and for me personally.

Alliance has successfully moved our financing model from syndicated deals to a fund. Our new fund is off to a great start. We’ve landed some great deals and are poised to make more great deals in 2024.

While transactions have been down for a while, the stabilization of interest rates is now thawing the commercial real estate market and we’re ready to pounce. More than ever, I believe that commercial real estate is a valuable asset class to add to a diversified investment portfolio.

The company’s main thesis, that the Medical Office Building (MOB) sector of commercial real estate was unusually attractive, has proven itself again and again.

Even as wide swaths of the real estate industry have suffered from COVID and then rising interest rates, MOB has continued to deliver both safety and excellent returns.

To keep our investors informed, we started holding monthly webinars to provide updates on the portfolio, the pipeline, and what we’re seeing in the market.

We’re also supporting the growth of the company by publishing whitepapers and industry reports on healthcare, real estate, MOB investing, interest rate changes, and other market insights.

On the personal side, my meditation and journaling practices continue to help me grow as a leader. I’ve also been fortunate to find some tremendously valuable mentors who have encouraged me to continue pushing myself into and past new challenges.

My podcast, I Own It has now passed 100 episodes. This project has led me into conversations with a wide range of talented and fascinating people. I feel humbled by the experience and proud of the exposure and brand growth the project is bringing to Alliance.

Little by little, everything is progressing and gaining traction. The company is growing. I am growing as a leader and a person.

The commercial real estate market is likely to be far more lively in the coming year. I am excited about the future. May 2024 be a profitable year for us all!

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