March 17, 2024

For years, I built Alliance incrementally. Deal by deal.

I was “successful”, but also playing it small. While I was chasing the next win, I wasn’t then seeing the bigger game I could be playing.

We all have blindspots. They’re the places we don’t like to look, the parts of our lives that we like to assume are just fine how they are.

Blind spots can be treasure troves, stocked with our biggest growth opportunities. If we’re willing to really own those parts of ourselves, we can make big positive changes in our lives.

In the last year or so, I’ve felt a huge mental and spiritual shift. I saw into my blind spot and realized I was thinking small, but I didn’t have to keep going that way.

Once I noticed this in myself, it was like a light switch flipped inside my head. I can do way more. Alliance can get to a whole different level, if I’m ready to take it there.

Since then, I’ve done a lot of new things. I found new mentors who have really been helping me expand my personal capacity, and Alliance’s. With all my experience in the industry, I never really thought I’d want to hire a consultant, but I decided to do that too, and they have helped me see new opportunities in Alliance’s operations that I’d never considered before.

My leap into podcasting also underscores how much mentality and self-limiting beliefs determine how far we can go in life.

And now I’m about to launch a new TV show focused on leverage.

When things are going poorly, it’s easy to blame circumstances. When they’re going well, it’s easy to get complacent and accept a ceiling on our success.

Many people would rather not accept their own agency. I’ve been there. There is something easy and comforting about having excuses. Things happen. There’s nothing I could do. But as strange as this might sound, I find it empowering, and even freeing, to accept that I always have a choice. There’s always something I can do.

But I don’t want to get comfortable. I feel energized, thinking about the ways I can really go big, in my life, and with Alliance. I can’t wait to see what I’m really capable of.

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