Good investors are also storytellers. An investment is a bet that we see potential others have missed (or undervalued). We buy when we have a theory of how and […]

  How much should you save? The retirement planning advice industry will give you precise answers, based on your age, earning power, lifestyle, etc. More generally, conventional wisdom says you […]

  The more things change, the more they stay the same. From the dawn of humanity, we have been social creatures who achieve great things through collective effort. Whether the […]

  I want to continue the story we started last week about the property we just sold at a whopping 34% IRR. We didn’t just buy a great property at […]

  After receiving a great response to earlier stories about real Alliance deals, I’d like to share another high level picture of one of Alliance’s great recent investments. Background For […]

  Alliance invests heavily in the South — areas that have just been battered by back-to-back major hurricanes. As the affected communities work to put their lives back together, they’re […]

  There has never been a better time for getting things done. With new tools, a savvy businessman can do more work, better, faster, and cheaper than ever before. In […]

  There’s no avoiding it — we’ve live in a volatile time in American politics. Despite the polarization and frustration, there is still at least one key area where Americans […]

  I recently discussed how Alliance seals some great deals by acting quickly and decisively. As the old saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. But it’s not enough […]

  Whether it’s legal issues, zoning surprises, lease negotiations, tax surprises or something else, real estate deals always come with unexpected challenges. The endless problems can cause endless headaches, but […]

  In the real estate game as in life, the spoils go to those who move on an opportunity quickly and decisively. A friend from my youth dated the same […]

  Thank you to all the readers who wrote in last week after we published our story about the hospital investment that turned into a big win. Since we received […]

  Recently, I’ve received messages from our readers asking for more details on how our ideas translate into real returns for investors. To illustrate how Alliance converts expertise into profits, […]

  When I was young, my brother taught me that you get what you pay for. Whether it’s a sofa, a suit, a bottle of Scotch, or an attorney, there’s […]

  Everybody knows the old saying in real estate: location location location. In my deal-making part of the industry, there’s another version: reputation reputation reputation.   Being known for good […]

  We’ve all heard the saying – A good team is greater than the sum of its parts. I totally agree — teamwork is indispensable. Not all teams work well […]

  As a real estate professional, younger friends and acquaintances often ask me for advice on home buying. When is the right time to buy? Am I making a good […]

  When I hear friends talking up the wonders of index funds, I have conflicted feelings. On one hand, it’s great that they want to invest. On the other hand, […]

  College is supposed to educate our kids and make them ready for a competitive world, but is the system working? I’m shocked by the lack of basic skills in […]

  I love the saying no risk, no reward. It’s equally true for investing and for a life well lived. If you’re not in the game, you can’t win anything, […]

  There are many paths to a great investment. The key is finding a place where you understand the upside and risks better than your competition. At Alliance, our specialty […]

  When you’re ready to make a real estate investment, there are a lot of bases you need to cover, but none is more important than financing. You can get […]

  There’s an old saying that says trust is earned in drops and lost in buckets. In life and in business, every single encounter or transaction is an opportunity to […]

  One of the fundamental errors in real estate investing is to ignore the risk of long term vacancy. Everybody knows to look at zoning, property prices, rents per square […]

  Business today is more demanding than ever. Information is king, and everybody wants quick responses. Long hours, instant responsiveness, and lots of coffee can help close more deals, but […]

I’m excited that some environmental deregulation seems to be on the way. Lighter regulation means easier development, greater deal flow, and higher profit. As a real estate investor, I’m optimistic […]

One of the things I love most about America is that people are rewarded for solving problems. Finding unmet needs before the rest of the world catches on isn’t easy. […]

People talk a lot about government spending, and it’s easy to understand why. Too little spending and government can’t function, and too much spending is like a sugar high that’s […]

The intelligent investor is prepared for problems. We don’t know when disaster might strike, but eventually, the world will sling bad news in our direction. It’s doubly important to be […]

It’s official, we have a new president in the United States. I want to take a high-level look at where the economy might be headed for the next four years. […]

We live in a time of great uncertainty, and smart people are wondering where they should put their money to weather any coming storms. More on that later. First, interest […]

Never have I seen this country so divided. You’re probably already aware of the many ways that Americans disagree, so I’ll spare you a recitation of the issues. What concerns […]

Over the course of your career, you’ll have to work for some bad bosses, because, well, human nature. Some people are selfish or shortsighted, and others just aren’t aware of […]

For all of human history, there have been scum who make their living by scamming, extorting, and robbing more industrious people. The criminals who want to take your stuff can’t just […]

What Everybody Gets Wrong About Retirement Saving A friend recently mentioned he was not yet saving for retirement, and I promptly gave him a kick in the ass. The tax […]

Take Control of Your Legal Costs I know I’m not the only one who has choked on my coffee when I opened a lawyer’s invoice. Simple services should not be […]

It is time again for our monthly Q & A Q:  Ben, I respect what you do and admire you as a principal. I had a bad partnership experience in the past. While I continue to move forward with my business, how do I make sure to choose better partners that will help bring success?

The subject of high performance is a frequent topic in my world. Why? Well, when you accomplish your goals in any given year this requires a tremendous amount of focus, persistence, and a great team of people surrounding you. Being a high performer is a decision that you make every day. You can decide to focus on the positives and be successful or you can decide to focus on the challenges and never meet your goals.